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Is Invisalign Treatment Suitable for Me?

Invisalign is redefining the way dentists and orthodontists approach teeth straightening. Dubbed as “invisible braces”, this revolutionary treatment offers a straighter smile in an average of 12-18 months. The main draw of Invisalign is that your regular dentist can provide the full treatment, unlike traditional braces which usually require an orthodontist.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the name for a treatment that involves fitting a custom transparent mould on top of your teeth in order to align them into your desired smile. It’s become immensely popular for being vastly less obtrusive than traditional braces, as well as being almost unnoticeable to others thanks to its discrete design.

Unlike wired braces, the almost invisible design of Invisalign straighteners means they’re easily removable at any time. This means you can continue your regular daily routine without the infamous upkeep that braces require.


Who Can Use Invisalign Treatment?

Designed to be adaptable for a variety of circumstances, Invisalign is tailormade to your individual smile. As such, it’s useful for a variety of individual circumstances and able to correct a variety of pre-existing conditions.


Alignment for Overbite and Underbite

If your upper front teeth close behind your lower teeth or vice versa, Invisalign can correct this. Either of these conditions can cause jaw pain and accelerated wearing down of your teeth. By using a combination of upper and lower Invisalign clear aligners, both rows of teeth can be brought into a more natural position to aid in the proper functioning of your jaw and mouth.


Crossbite Correction

A crossbite is a hybrid of an overbite and underbite where some teeth on both upper and lower rows cross over each other. This condition is notorious for causing chipped teeth and receding gums. Invisalign treatment can correct some types of crossbite – get in touch with your dentist to find out if clear aligners are right for your bite.


Gap Teeth and Crowded Teeth

If there’s too much – or not enough – room between your teeth, Invisalign can operate as invisible braces to correct these conditions. Gaps in teeth can create food traps that most often cause gum irritation, while too little space between your teeth makes brushing difficult, resulting in plaque build-up and even tooth decay. Invisalign clear aligners are the perfect solution for these problems, allowing you to maintain regular cleaning of your teeth in between wearing your aligners.


Children and Teenagers

If your child needs additional care to promote healthy smile development, Invisalign gets the job done. Clear aligners can prevent pre-existing problems from getting worse alongside correcting any issues that appear during regular growth. Helping your child’s teeth develop at the optimal level makes their oral care in the latter stages of development much easier.

What Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of Invisalign treatment will be determined by your dentist. This will largely depend on your personal needs and the length of your treatment, and your dentist may offer payment plan options. 

Invisalign Treatment in Bristol

The Dentists Old Market offers a comprehensive consultation and tooth straightening treatment plan to meet all your needs. We will give you regular check-ups to ensure your clear aligners are working for you and periodically give you new moulds so you can have the smile you want in the shortest time possible.

If you would like to explore the smile enhancement benefits of teeth straightening, contact us today to find out more.

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