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For Dental Implant Patients and CBCT 

At The Dentists Old Market, we use Vatech Green; the advanced solution for even the toughest root canal and dental implant treatments. Its groundbreaking imagery provides a comprehensive 3D view, allowing us to identify hidden canals, assess bone quality, and plan implant placement with utmost precision.

Vatech Green enables personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique dental anatomy; this innovative system combines state-of-the-art CBCT scans with advanced techniques, for efficiency and optimal treatment outcomes.

Take advantage of our introductory OFFER of just £95 for a CBCT scan for your patient!

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Don Loren HughesDon Loren Hughes
10:08 29 Apr 24
Fantastic service from all the staff at the practice. Dr. West and the nurse we're professional, caring and reassuring. Can't praise them all enough. 🙂
Kathryn IlesKathryn Iles
10:54 20 Apr 24
Sandra is AMAZING! So, I am a nervous patient. She asked me my fears, and in a matter of minutes, she had me relaxed and calm. I highly recommend it. Also, I love how quick I can get an appointment. I booked on Tuesday, I was in on Saturday. Thank you to everyone there who made me feel comfortable!
Albinas RuzgailaAlbinas Ruzgaila
07:58 13 Apr 24
Best service to Eugenijus
12:13 29 Feb 24
Great service - completed in-house inlay within a couple of hoursBeen with practice over 30 years and yet again top serviceThanks Cain and Claire
Teresa RichardsTeresa Richards
16:46 24 Feb 24
Had my teeth straightened, fixed braces, with Kain. Couldn’t be happier with the results and I knew I was in good hands with Kain and team, over thirteen months or so. They did a fantastic job. I did look into other practices before going ahead with The Dentists, but I absolutely knew after my consultation that I wanted to go ahead with Kain and team, they were so much more thorough than others and explained everything in detail, giving me confidence in their advice and recommendations. Thank you so much.
Frank FitzpatrickFrank Fitzpatrick
12:29 19 Feb 24
What an awesome TEAM and thank you so much…I highly recommend if you need implants or any dental….best ever…thanks again Noel
Tim NortonTim Norton
09:51 19 Feb 24
I needed a repair to a tooth - a range of appointments to suit me were available and quickly. Great care was taken by Sandra on the repair which I am very happy with.
Sitora AlimovaSitora Alimova
21:20 17 Feb 24
We had a blast! Everything is very delicious and served in a proper portions. Norin and plov was the best. Sama and Cheburek was savory and easy to eat. We will be back
Prinz OigenPrinz Oigen
14:18 13 Feb 24
Good clinic, wisdom teeth were pulled out today, everything went quickly and painlessly. I hope the healing will be quick too. Great staff. Dr Eugenijus Vladimirovas does an excellent job. Thank you.
Angel LimAngel Lim
18:18 12 Feb 24
Friendly staff, very helpful & professional.
javier aguiló anentojavier aguiló anento
13:19 10 Feb 24
Lorna Pringle-KerrLorna Pringle-Kerr
11:34 10 Feb 24
Dr Maria and her team are the best, they actually boost my confidence 👌
09:45 10 Feb 24
In the clinic I was treated urgently by Maria since I had a break in one of my teeth, she was super friendly and attentive, explaining at every moment what she was doing, it was very nice to go to her consultation, they are a great team.Thanks a lot 😍
Zafar MuhidinovZafar Muhidinov
02:50 09 Feb 24
Alhamdulillah best Uzbek Turkish Cuisine today we had lunch & now we are at dinner can’t explain you just have to come to try it delicious
Eleanor PhillipsEleanor Phillips
11:47 03 Feb 24
Really friendly, informative and professional service - stellar hygienist and squeaky clean 😇
Anya AgulovaAnya Agulova
18:59 30 Jan 24
Can't fault them, having been to several different dentists this one I would, will and do recomend to friends and family. Mainly because of the dentistry but also because they have a good set up with reasonable prices. They provide good honest advice and quality workmanship with a warm and inviting reception team.
Mel HolmesMel Holmes
12:10 23 Jan 24
Life changing. I was treated by Kain Rowlings and his assistant Claire, the service I received by them was amazing, I was helped to feel really comfortable and understood fully what treatment I was to expect. They are non judgemental in their approach and good care and attention was taken to help fill gaps and strengthen my front teeth, I have more worked planned but I can honestly say I am smiling big again. Amazing service, thank you Kain
Agnius AgniusAgnius Agnius
12:35 13 Jan 24
It is a very great place and the doctor are very nice and friendly the experience is amazing and the staff are also very friendly to you so come on in I definitely recommend it.
Anaya HolmesAnaya Holmes
13:36 11 Jan 24
I’ve had an infected hole in my tooth for a very long time i went to one dentist somewhere else they were very rude, impatient and blunt. They told me I needed a root canal or to get my tooth removed and gave me a ridiculous bill and sent me away without cleaning my tooth or anything. I found out about The Dentist from a family member and I’ll definitely be coming here more often. Dr Jake West and his assistant unfortunately I can’t remember her name has made me feel very comfortable. For my checkup they cleaned my infected tooth and told me to come back i decided to get it removed. They did it with great care and has given me good advice for healing👏🏾
Hibah FadelHibah Fadel
12:44 11 Jan 24
Really pleased with this Dentist! Kain and Claire are excellent, and so are the rest of the team. Super friendly and accommodating, and I have had truly amazing results!
Jean SnymanJean Snyman
12:33 08 Jan 24
Sandra Maria PleSandra Maria Ple
11:22 22 Dec 23
Can’t recommend Dr. Eugenijus Vladimirovas enough, one of the best dental surgeons I have had, he always explains every step ahead which makes me feel relaxed knowing what to expect during the visit or even further future visits.Dr. Eugene always does a brilliant job on my teeth, whether it’s just a simple filling, root canal or a crown! ☺️
Pamela ReidPamela Reid
13:03 20 Dec 23
John AllanJohn Allan
09:52 20 Dec 23
Friendly people, professional and good at explaining what they are doing and how my teeth are.
Kerry McKercharKerry McKerchar
09:26 20 Dec 23
Sandra is the best dentist I have been to. Explained everything really well, is kind and thoughtful. During the original exam, she found that I could benefit from a gum guard, but at no point 'sold' it to me. Made me feel so at ease, that I nearly had a nap during my filling. The team are friendly, and I can see why they are award winning.
Emma MoranEmma Moran
22:34 19 Dec 23
I had a emergency appointment today with Dr Eugene I was very impressed with the appointment and the advice given to me . I would highly recommend this practice , everyone was very friendly and put me at ease.
12:31 19 Dec 23
I am SO happy to have found this dentist! After going 11 years without a check up I was very apprehensive. Sandra and the team were incredibly reassuring and friendly, and immediately put me at ease. I had a filling and Sandra somehow managed to do the injection without me feeling a thing.I was also very fearful of having a clean as I'd heard horror stories from friends, but Carriann was brilliant and very patient with me. I can't wait to see her again and have a fresh clean mouth.I'm so encouraged by the team, and they have made me now want to look after my oral health. Thank you for looking after me!
14:43 30 Nov 23
Great staff and meticulous care.
Marcus PickettMarcus Pickett
16:24 29 Nov 23
These guys are great 👍
Karmila NorKarmila Nor
14:14 25 Nov 23
Very pleased with the service and professionalism. In particular l like that Eugene takes the time to give me full explanations of the procedure beforehand, and during every step of the way. He frequently checks my comfort level throughout the procedure. I also appreciate the advice and education on tooth, and gum maintenance. Highly recommended.
Georgia WellsGeorgia Wells
11:24 23 Nov 23
I had my first dental check up and hygienist appointment this week at The Dentists Old Market and I left absolutely over the moon. Carriann, the hygienist went above and beyond my expectations and corrected several issues that have been bugging me for years (even one touching on a decade). She was incredibly helpful and absolutely lovely and I’m so happy that I decided to come to this practice. Thanks so much, I look forward to coming back!
I visited Eugenijus Vladimororvas and liked everything. Very attentive doctor, which is very rare. Thank you so much 🙏🏻🥰
Yasmin AlasoYasmin Alaso
13:26 08 Nov 23
Audrone LevyAudrone Levy
14:25 07 Nov 23
It took me a long time to find a great dentist. Dr Eugenijus Vladimirovas is very knowledgeable, caring, has wonderful approach. He will always listen to you, gives you options and puts you at ease. I fully trust him knowing he will do a brilliant job and often find myself asleep in his chair! Never thought that going to see a dentist could be like a relaxing therapy. A rare find!
Sophie AllenSophie Allen
20:28 06 Nov 23
Dr Maria is an incredibly kind, skilled and intelligent dentist. Not only does she pay particular attention to detail, she has an artistic skill and made sure I was happy with every step of my alignment retainer journey. She was always happy to see me if I had any concerns and I’m super happy with the results of my teeth. The whole team of nurses I saw were very welcoming too! Thank you!
Jamie BickerJamie Bicker
19:10 06 Nov 23
Great Team. Amazing dentists. Would recommend this surgery to anyone 5*
Gaby AmielGaby Amiel
10:30 04 Nov 23
Emma Silander-HatchEmma Silander-Hatch
09:47 02 Nov 23
Professional, friendly and thorough would recommend
Alina JAlina J
17:22 19 Oct 23
Cannot recommend Dr Eugenijus Vladimirovas enough. Was very pleased with the treatment, Dr Vladimirovas was very professional, knowledgable, took the time to explain what my issue was in detail and was very careful 5/5
Sam CabotSam Cabot
14:07 12 Oct 23
Excellent service very friendly, punctual and reliable. I am thrilled with my results they replaced my old fillings something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and even fixed my retainer on the house.Would recommend.
Al HortonAl Horton
09:46 09 Oct 23
Kain and Claire are fab, as well as the rest of the team. Super friendly and accommodating, and work with me to make sure treatments go smoothly. Really great for a slightly nervous dentist goer such as myself.
Harriet JennerHarriet Jenner
11:47 28 Sep 23
Eva RuedaEva Rueda
09:22 26 Sep 23
Looking on the internet for an urgent appointment one Saturday I found this dentist. The nice coincidence is that I, being Spanish, had an appointment with Sandra who speaks Spanish. I have only good words for her and the whole team, they made me feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. I recommend it 100%
Anthony NobleAnthony Noble
19:35 04 Sep 23
Maria is an exceptional dentist who performed miracles with my very damaged teeth, and gave me a new lease of life. Before I saw her I felt very hopeless about the situation. She was also very calming, friendly, and positive. The treatment was worth every penny and I couldn't recommend her enough. Thanks again
Modestas MasiulisModestas Masiulis
10:26 25 Aug 23
Completely unexpected bad service with extra carge for nothing!I will definitely advise my friends to avoid this place!
Dom TekosDom Tekos
14:59 21 Jul 23
(Posting under a different account name so I can leave this place a review).I am so fortunate to have finally, for the first time in my life, found a good dentists with staff that are kind, caring and who actually listen to you and tale the time to explain things in a way you understand.I ended up here by accident due to needing an emergency dental appointment, and there being nothing available calling NHS first thing (only 9 appointments for the whole of Bristol and North Somerset!!). Luckily, they manged to fit me in an appointment and I arrived very stressed and in a lot of pain. Medical procedures are often difficult for me due to personal trauma and I was relieved to have women staff there seeing me and who were extremely patient and compassionate to me during my obvious stress. The exam room, unfortunately, was triggering for me in itself, but again the staff I saw were just incredible at keeping me calm and helping with the reasons I'd come to see them.I was so impressed with this place that I will now remain their patient. I even saw a hygienist for the first time here a few weeks later and I'm so happy with the result.Just a note that will hopefully not apply to too many women who may wish to go here as patients, but likely some. Please be aware that the ceiling in the exam room, with a fake blue sky, is the exact same as the one found at The Bridge Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). I found it bought up a lot of emotion because it was a suprise to see it, so would rather people be aware who've had the awful experience of needing to go to The Bridge. I will say though that, even though looking at this ceiling was emotionally difficult, the staff there as a pro outweighed that negative and all the general negatives of needing dental exams and work done. I really would recomend this place to anyone with fear of dentists or those with trauma from medical procedures or SA.
Mónica María G.Mónica María G.
15:00 20 Jul 23
Very grateful to Dr. Maria Pardo Picazo, she gave me a very professional and ethical treatment; She was very kind and clear, I was very satisfied with the indications and recommendations that she gave me, I will surely return in future treatments.
Bradley ParkerBradley Parker
10:33 06 Jul 23
I had an extremely disappointing and frustrating experience with dentist Maria Picazo, which left me feeling disheartened and dissatisfied with her services. I arrived on time for my appointment, only to be kept waiting for a staggering 20 minutes. This delay was highly inconvenient and disrespectful of my time.During the appointment, I informed Maria Picazo about my concerns regarding a decaying tooth that needed fixing and requested to have a filling replaced. To my dismay, she disregarded my explicit request and only booked me in for a single filling. This meant that, after waiting for such a considerable amount of time, I couldn't get the necessary treatment for my dental issues addressed.When I questioned Maria Picazo about this oversight, she responded with an unfounded excuse, claiming that she thought I wouldn't return for the additional treatment. This was a complete fabrication on her part, as I had clearly communicated that I would be back once my financial situation improved, albeit in a few months.Adding insult to injury, Maria Picazo attempted to shift the blame onto me for the inaccuracies in the treatment plan and pricing. She claimed that the pricing she initially provided was incorrect and demanded an additional £50 per tooth, making it seem as if I was responsible for their mistake. This manipulation of the situation was unprofessional and an attempt to evade accountability for their own errors.Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Maria Picazo herself had suggested the idea of addressing multiple teeth during our conversations leading up to the appointment. Despite my repeated affirmations of this plan when making the appointment, she conveniently disregarded our previous discussions and failed to honour her own recommendations.In conclusion, my experience with dentist Maria Picazo was marred by unprofessionalism, poor communication, and an overall lack of consideration for my dental needs. Her inability to fulfil my requests, her baseless excuses, and her attempt to shift blame onto me demonstrate a severe lack of professionalism and competence. I strongly advise others to exercise caution when considering Maria Picazo as their dentist, as my experience suggests that she may not prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of her patients.
Rebecca LefevreRebecca Lefevre
08:13 30 May 23
I came here to see Dr Maria upon recommendation from a friend, after my previous dentist in Bristol refused to carry out root canal on a very painful tooth which needed treatment. She is extremely thorough, patient, precise (she located a crack in my tooth which my other dentist didn’t see) and I really felt like I was in good hands under her care. After a successful root canal & crown fitting my tooth is SO much better , and I cannot thank her enough! 100% recommend as one of the best practises in Bristol! The receptionists are great , and booking appointments has always been easy and fuss free.
11:17 07 May 23
Great experience here, all the dentists and hygienist that I've had an appointment with have been so kind and informative, not judgemental just genuinely providing any advice and addressing concerns. Just had my cavity fixed and they were very good at doing it painlessly despite the awkwardness of addressing my back tooth.
R ThomasR Thomas
09:02 05 Apr 23
Kain is a fantastic dentist. He explains everything thoroughly, he is gentle and you never feel rushed. The whole team are friendly and welcoming. As a dentist myself, I can happily recommend the practice.
21:23 03 Feb 23
I highly recommend! I made an appointment the same day without any problems - which is a great plus, the ladies at the reception are very nice (honestly, I have never met such helpful and understanding receptionists!). Doctor Steven Ho was a professional, explained everything thoroughly and was very helpful. Quickly, efficiently and without problems. I will definitely come back if I have any dental problems😊
Judit NavarroJudit Navarro
06:44 20 Jan 23
I went to The Dentists Old Market because I had an awful and unbearable pain in one tooth and my face was swollen. They gave me an appointment for the same day and the service given was outstanding. Dr. Oliveira and the nurse were very professional and very helpful. She prescribed me some antibiotics as I had an infection and I couldn’t be happier. The ladies in reception were also very nice and helpful. Highly recommended and worth the money!!
E ReynoldE Reynold
13:50 07 Jan 21
The hygienist was very judgemental and rude but the dentist was good.
13:17 09 Nov 20
Been coming here often, very professional and polite stuff. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Victoria SVictoria S
08:29 06 Oct 20
I can’t recommend this dental practice highly enough! The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team is outstanding. Dr Eugenijus Vladimirovas is the best dentist I have ever seen! He is very knowledgeable, informative, honest and helpful. He takes the time to explain what he is doing every step of the way. Thank you very much for the outstanding and quality treatment, help and advice!Thank you to the dental nurse as well, who really is amazing and looks after the patient.Appointment system is brilliant as well. Always very accommodating with times and reminder SMS is sent the working day beforehand.Definitely I will be coming here for all my future dental needs!
Healing TherapyHealing Therapy
10:15 02 Oct 20
I feel very happy and grateful to Kain Rowlings, because he repaired my broken veneer, I did it at another dental practice, I have no words to express how happy I am because this veneer is from my front tooth and I was so worried that when they hit it, it wouldn't fit and it would not look good, but he's an artist, he did such a good job that you can't tell it's broken.He is very honest and correct. I highly recommend Kain Rowlings as he made me feel very safe and comfortable and I will continue to visit him from now on.
Jonny HarvellJonny Harvell
15:20 30 Sep 20
I saw Steven Ho and he was excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable and calm, which is what you want from a dentist. Thank you!
simon cannsimon cann
14:50 04 Mar 20
It was my first visit as a new patient and I have to say I am extremely impressed with the service and how highly experienced the team is here. I was greeted by 2 wonderful, kind and very helpful ladies at reception. Did the usual details. It wasn't at all long before I was greeted my Dr Steven Ho and his nurse Molly. They were extremely friendly and very thorough with the work they do. Soon after I saw the lovely Hygienist Gill and the nurse Jane. Gill gave me some great advice and in depth advice on how to keep my teeth away from bacteria build up. The atmosphere was really nice and calm and really put me at ease. Its nice to finally go to a practice that isn't fully rammed with patients and not running late. Anyone who is looking to go private in the future take advantage of the new patient deal. You won't be disappointed trust me!

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