As an adult wanting to straighten your teeth, the thought of braces can be quite off putting. The traditional and conventional braces we all think of can tend to be a fairly uncomfortable and lengthy process albeit rewarding with the straight smile you gain at the end of it. At Old Market Dentistry, we offer our patients teeth straightening solutions and thanks to Six Month Smiles, straight teeth can be achieved in a less invasive way. Here is everything you need to know about Six Month Smiles.

What Is Six Month Smiles and How Does it Work?

Six Month Smiles is a leading teeth straightening treatment for adults (16 and above) with misaligned, misshapen or out of place teeth. With the use of a revolutionary adult brace style system, teeth are more simply straightened and in a less invasive approach. Rather than improving your bite, Six Month Smile braces focus on straightening front teeth which makes it a much quicker process. What’s more, as the brace is designed to be transparent, it’s virtually unrecognisable, meaning you can continue to go about your daily life without any interruptions.

The name Six Month Smiles is appropriately attributed as the average treatment takes just six to twelve months; a relatively short amount of time to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

What Are the Advantages of Six Month Smile Braces?

There are a number of benefits when using a Six Month Smile treatment to help you achieve a straight smile.

Braces virtually go unnoticed – understandably we can become conscious of changes that can make us standout, particularly when it is an obvious part of the body such as our face. Six Month Smile braces are designed to be almost invisible so that you can continue life without feeling uncomfortable. First wearing the brace is an unnatural sensation, although after the first day or two you will become adjusted to the feeling.

A fast and effective way to achieve straighter teeth – with the average treatment taking just six months, you can rest assured that the reward of straight teeth is in the not too distant future. In addition to this, it is a tried and test solution to straighten teeth with lots of wonderful straight smile stories out there.

You get the straight smile you have always wanted – at the end of it all, you can complete the treatment smiling with confidence. What’s more, when choosing a Six Month Smile brace with us, complimentary teeth whitening is also included, providing you with a straight smile that glistens and gleams.

Book Your Six Month Smile Treatment with Us Today

Why wait to live life smiling with confidence? By starting your treatment now, your straight smile could be a reality in six months’ time. We love helping our patients on their journey to achieving the smile they have always wanted. To find out more about our teeth straightening solutions or to book an appointment get in touch with a member of our team. You can also book an initial consultation with us using our online booking system.

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